The FollowAnalytics mobile SDK contains a validator which checks that the setup was performed as required, to ensure that all features will work properly.

On iOS, the validator appears when the debug state is ON (as configured in the init method of the SDK). On Android, it needs to be called manually by you, as stated in the Android documentation.

What it validates

Required integration steps

Connection with server

This check validates that there is a connection, and that your are using a valid API key.

However, it doesn't check that this key matches your bundle ID.

URL scheme

Ensures your app is properly configured to allow automatic collection of your device ID for testing, as well as other deep-link-based features.

Crash Symbols

Validates that your configuration allows full crash reporting.

To check the configuration, the validator requires you to tap a button that will make the app crash in a specific way. This button will only be available if your device is running without debugger. You can do this by unplugging your phone from your computer. If you are using the simulator, simply stop the app from Xcode, and launch it manually from the simulator springboard.

The following screenshot illustrates the state on iOS before validating the crash configuration, with the button "test crash config" available.

URL Scheme

Optional configuration

Custom params

If you intend to use deep linking using custom parameters, this checks that you implemented the corresponding method.

This check requires you to tap a button.

Rich campaigns

Verifies if your app is able to receive a rich campaign configured to be displayed by your code.

This check requires you to tap a button.

Attribution tracking configuration - Tune

If your app uses the TuneSDK, the validator verifies that the link between the FollowAnalytics SDK and this one is properly done.