Server 3.10

September 24th, 2018

We are currently building a new In-app template library and editor to offer editable In-app templates to our users. This feature will be available by the end of this year.

In this release, we’ve started preparing for the In-app template library by updating the message step in campaign creation flow, and also by increasing the width of the interface.

This release introduces also an important change in token ingestion pipeline and some improvements in the frontend and backend.

New in-app layout choice flow

To create an In-app message, first you choose either Pop up or Fullscreen format, and then you choose your layout.

For Fullscreen format, the layout can be either a web URL or a template to upload.

After choosing a layout, it’s always possible to change it using the "Change layout" button.

Wider interface

Increasing the width of the platform interface will allow us later to display more templates in the library we are building, besides having more space for template editor items.

It also improves the user experience overall the platform.




Server 3.9

September 11th, 2018

This release introduces a new major feature: Multilingual campaigns.

This new version also includes some significant UI changes in campaigns results statistics, besides some important bug fixes related to campaigns, sessions recording and last user-id to be set for devices.

Multilingual campaigns

With this feature, you will be able to add up to 5 languages while composing your Push and In-app messages.

Default language is set by default to your browser language and can be changed easily for your campaign to your convenience.

This feature is available for all delivery types and is also compatible with muli-app campaigns. Once all required languages are added, you can review all the messages in Review page and then launch your campaign.

In upcoming releases, we are aiming to remove the limitation of the number of languages.

Campaign results statistics

We keep improving campaigns section in this release where we propose some UI improvements on campaigns results page.

Push and In-app statistics are now splitted in two different tabs. Each statistics page has two main blocks; the first one provides global statistics from Initial audience to push opened or buttons clicks.

For contextual campaigns, we enhance relevant statistics such as moment reached, and unless occurrences. The second block provides a zoom in a specific period of time. For AB testing, it allows also to focus only on either the sampling or optimization phase.

Issues fixed

Here is a summary of the issues resolved with this release:

Server 3.8

September 3rd, 2018

This release introduces 2 new major features:

Revamping of the campaign section continues, with a new header style, improving readability and consistency for quick-view stats. The campaign detail page will be reorganized in the next release.

We also improved some of the exports you can get from the interface, as well as fixed a set of issues.

Segment-based analytics

FollowAnalytics already provided a first level of analytics for saved segments. This was however limited to a fixed period of days, on limited KPIs.

We are introducing the ability to filter your Analytics dashboard page using any of your segments. Simply select an analytics-enabled saved segment from the list at the top of the page to filter all the KPIs given below.

In the future, we will roll out this feature to the other tabs of the Analytics section.

Segment analytics has be activated on your segments

To be able to use a given segment to filter your KPIs, you need this segment to be saved and configured to compute analytics.

To do so, go to your segment in the Segments section and check the Analytics box.

Multi-app campaign creation

Many FollowAnalytics users create campaigns meant to be sent to both their iOS and Android apps. In some cases, similar apps are deployed as separate binaries to the app stores.

Thanks to this new product release, you will be able to create your message once and have the FollowAnalytics product create campaigns for up to 3 apps. All delivery types but Contextual are supported.

The process is similar to what you are used to:

Campaign design updates

Continuing on our efforts to improve the campaign list and reports, this release introduces a new list item view, also used as the header of the campaign view page.

The quick-view stats displayed are better adapted to the type and state of each campaign.


Campaign exports

The export file, which you can get from the campaign list, contains new fields:

Usage export

The usage export file, exported from the Analytics main dashboard, now contains the break down of app version.

Issues fixed

Here is a summary of the issues resolved with this new release:

Server 3.7

July 31st, 2018

The campaign workflow gets a revamping for better consistency.

Campaign creation flow revamping

The flow for creating campaigns gets refreshed for better readability and consistency.

Order of steps

To create a campaign, you will be proceeding through the following steps:

Please note that the duration of an in-app campaign is now handled using a "Do not deliver after" parameter located in the Delivery step, under "advanced options".

Audience selection

The audience step has been redesigned to make it much easier to select one or multiple saved segments. You can still select custom filtering for one-off targeting.

Data Wallet



Data extraction for GDPR data access request now contains an HTML viewer so that the data can be easily browsed (in addition to the JSON file for automated processing).

FCM Keys

Customers can now provide their own FCM server key, in case you do not use the default Android SDK configuration.


This release ships several fixes, including the following ones on Campaigns: - Push server fix on Android transactional campaigns,