Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector 3.2

August 10th, 2020

This release brings the following two improvements:


If we update the field app_version to null, the DE is updated accordingly:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector 3.1

June 8th, 2020

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector 3.0

April 29th, 2020

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector 2.9

February 27th, 2020

This release brings some improvements of the SFMC connector UI, in FA Data we can see:

Therefore the data becomes available in Customer Attribute filter in FA platform and can be used for segmentation and campaign audience creation,

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector 2.8

January 10th, 2020

This release includes the Migration to the new endpoints to send and get the report of transactional campaigns: as a reminder, the sending report is used to populate the Data extension 'Targeted users - FollowAnalytics' and display the stats in 'Activity stats'.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector 2.7

December 13th, 2019

The highlights of the release are:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector 2.6

We are happy to announce some improvements in this release:

New metrics in 'Campaign Logs' data extension

Contact Builder - Stats Data Extensions

Currently, it is possible to check the status of the pushes sent (push sent/not sent statistics) in the form of a data extension named 'Targeted users - FollowAnalytics'.

With this new release, you’ll be able to view more campaign statistics (push opened and in-app displayed) in 'Campaign Logs' data extension by following the steps below:

The column 'Action' gives the metrics 'Push opened' and 'In-app displayed':

'Targeted users-FollowAnalytics' data extension improvements

Contact Builder - Stats Data Extensions

We have added two new columns 'CampaignID' and 'CampaignName' to data extension 'Targeted users - FollowAnalytics':

Journey Builder - Activity Tooltip - More Details

Campaign information section was updated accordingly.

Data Source of type Events and Errors

Starting with this release, while creating a new Data Extension, in 'Data Source' step, there is a new type, 'Errors' and not only 'Events' (type 'Events' has been split into two types: 'Events' and 'Errors' - the aim is to differentiate them in case there are an event and error with the same name):

Other improvements

Issue fixes

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector 2.5

We are happy to announce some new features and improvements in this new release:

FA Activity and Campaign Statistics

Contact Builder - Stats Data Extensions

In this new SFMC release, you’ll be able to view campaign statistics by following the steps below:

You will get a table with activity statistics per user, the two columns 'Code' and 'Details' give Push sent and Push not sent. The metrics Push opened and In-app displayed will be added in next releases.

Journey Builder - Activity Tooltip

In the Journey Builder, when you select a running journey from the list, you can hover over FA activity to display a tooltip that contains:

FA Segments as a New Data Source

While creating a new Data Extension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector, in Data Source step, you can choose the type segments and select FA segment(s) you want to get in the Data Extension.

This feature is only available for superadmin users (CSMs) for now, it will be available for other users in future releases.

Adding disabled status for invalid app configuration

For any package in the package Initializer page, superadmin users (CSMs) can:

Other improvements