Endpoint and Authentication

Please refer to the API overview section to get the API endpoint, query format and authentication process.

This section of the documentation shows how to explore analytical data in your applications.

Event analytics

GET /api/apps/app_identifier/analytics/events

This endpoint retrieves information about analytics of events, including how many times an event has been received by users of your application and in how many sessions, for a given period.

Query parameters

Property Type Description Default
sd integer Specifies the beginning of a period required
ed integer Specifies the end of a period required
only_current boolean Specifies whether the result will include data only for the current period or not. If false, we'll provide data for the current period (the one specified via the params sd and ed and the previous period, which is the same period shifted X number of days in the past, where X is the number of days in requested period) false


The "goal" key identifies whether the event is a key event or not. You can mark an event as key in the Events & Errors tab of our platform.

Status: 200 OK

    "success": true,
    "result": {
      "your_app_identifier": [
          "identifier": "event identifier",
          "log_type": 1,
          "display_name": "Event 123",
          "name": "Event name",
          "goal": false,
          "labels": [
          "hits": {
            "current": {
              "period": [1556290638, 1556463450]
              "values": {
                "1556290638": 10,
                "1556463450": 0
              "sessions": 10
            "previous": {
              "period": [1555977600, 1556236800]
              "values": {
                "1555977600": 10,
                "1556236800": 0
              "sessions": 10