FollowAnalytics offers an in-app template feature allowing to design rich messages and deliver them to users in a company mobile app, based on segmentation and triggering.

This document describes what the templates are, as well as why and how you use them. It lists the requirements, limitations and good practices for designing and testing them.


Only devices running at least version 5.0.0 of the FollowAnalytics SDK will be able to receive in-app templates messages

In-App Templates

Definition and purpose of in-app templates

An in-app template is a web page designed and packaged to be displayed in a mobile app as a FollowAnalytics mobile campaign.

The templates can be displayed in full screen. Like any web page, they can contain text, images, videos and animations.

By designing rich in-app messages, a company can ensure that the look and feel and content of their messages match their brand identity and that the message is compelling. In-app templates sent through FollowAnalytics can become a key part of the user experience in the mobile app, as they will fit in the global effort of consistency in the service offered.

When do you need an in-app template

In-app templates can help you extend the interaction that your app builds between your users and your company. Building real-time or event-based messaging in an app is cumbersome and much easier to manage from a platform once the app is already live. The development team can focus on the core features and let the communication and onboarding side to the marketers and product managers.

Native in-app messaging through alert boxes is limited in the experience it provides:

Here is a list of examples where your communication would be improved by in-app templates:

In-app templates and successful customer engagement

Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to helping you succeed and can assist you in elaborating a message strategy that will yield engagement and conversion.

Engaging your users means providing them with reasons to use your app on a regular basis. By tailoring your messages to the right audiences, and ensuring they are delivered in the moment, when they are needed the most, you will enhance the impact and meaning of your app for your users.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a workshop on how to leverage In-app Template precisely for your app and brand.

Creating your own templates

Types of templates and how to create them

In-app templates are designed the same way you create a website, with HTML, CSS and Javascript. And like responsive websites, they can adapt their layout to the dimensions of each device, to ensure a proper display of your message.

Once finalized, a template is a zip file containing the page and its assets.

Follow our tutorial for a quick introduction to creating your own templates.

Before creating your In-App Templates, please ensure that you downloaded a template base from the developers portal. It contains the minimum boilerplate code provided by FA to allow In-App Templates communication with the FollowAnalytics SDK.

The developer portal provides multiple examples to cover many of your cases :

How they are displayed

In-App templates are like micro websites displayed in your application. This is made possible by the FollowAnalytics SDK, which creates a frame (webview) inside your application where the In-App message will be displayed. The display will be triggered according to the options set up while creating a campaign in the FollowAnalytics product: scheduled, on a specific user action, or programmatically as a transactional campaign.