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To be able to collect mobile data and perform campaigns on your mobile users, you will need to install our Mobile SDK in your apps.

Get started with the SDK

Platform APIs

Any external systems can be connected to FollowAnalytics' Systems of Records APIs.
Other APIs also allow you to manage your mobile campaigns and segments.

API Overview

Track source of installs

To keep track of the source of user app installs, connect with a FollowAnalytics Attribution partner.

Integrate an Attribution partner

Build your own in-app templates

FollowAnalytics clients can build their own in-app templates, so that brand identity is reflected in mobile communications.

Templates Tutorial

What's new

The Release Notes section is here to keep you updated on all FollowAnalytics feature updates.


Check the troubleshooting sections of each main SDK.

To access FollowAnalytics guides, tutorials and how-tos, please refer to the knowledge base.